Mirko Corvetti's

Biography, Project, Media

Mirko Corvetti's

Biography, Project, Media


A bio about me?

Hey…I’m not dead yet!

Right. In this website you can find few lines about me, about my music and my guitars.

I’m Mirko Corvetti, an Italian guitarist and also a singer.

Born in the ’70’s, I’m actually based in Genoa (Italy).

Today, I am mainly engaged in singing and playing the acoustic guitar, alone or with someone who cares about my music.

Despite this, I was musically born and raised playing hard rock on the electric guitar in different bands.

Also, in the past I was part of a big polyphonic choir.

So, after a moment of hesitation I began to sing my repertory because I needed to share all “my vibrations”.

I can’t hold back a smile when I think that I started playing a lot of years ago and I’m still here searching for something new to learn.

In my experience, the conservatory diploma wasn’t an end, but it was more a starting point from which I widen my musical research.

From the beginning I wanted to share my skills, ideas and dreams with other people.

I didn’t want to simply transfer informations, so teaching was another way to find someone to grow up with.

The most for this reason, many years ago, I started to spread music all around.

So, I hope we will vibrate well…together!


Here you can find some photos about me and my musical friends.

Because some of these photos are really old and others are more recents, I hope all together they can give back an idea of my musical journey.



Actually, this is my gear.

I hope you like it and I expect you’ll search more information about the beautiful instruments made by my friend Bruno Traverso.

Playing a good instrument is less important than having a good touch, but surely it doesn’t hurts.

In addition, all the guitarists love collecting guitars, to talk about guitars, amps and pedals.

  • Bruno Traverso Guitars “Joy 22 – N.1” – Sienna Sunburst, swamp ash body, set-in bird eyes maple neck, a Seymour Duncan “Jazz” (neck) and a “Screamin’ Demon” (bridge) humbucker pick-ups (zebra).
  • Bruno Traverso Guitars “Joy 22 – N.2” – Tobacco Sunburst, mahogany body and set-in neck, ebony fretboard, a Seymour Duncan “Pearly Gates” (neck) and a “Pearly Gates” (bridge) humbucker pick-ups (zebra).
  • Fender “American Standard Stratocaster” – Sienna Sunburst, swamp ash body, rosewood neck, SSS.
  • Fender ” ’59 Bassman LTD” in lackered tweed – 45w / 4 x 10″
  • Marshall “JTM 45″ – 30 W Plexi / 4 x 12″ & 2 x 12” Marshall cab with Celestion Speakers.
  • Carl Martin “Quattro” – Comp, two overdrive (Plexitone), vintage chorus & echo
  • Carl Martin “The Fuzz” and “Blue Ranger” – Fuzz and Texas high gain overdrive
  • Carl Martin “Two Faze” and “Classic Flanger” – Double vintage phaser and a vintage flanger
  • Carl Martin “Headroom” and “Echotone” – Spring reverb and vintage delay
  • Carl Martin “Two Wah” and “Classic Optical Envelope” – Wah wah and Auto Wah
  • JHS “Unicorn” – UNIVIBE / vintage chorus & vibrato
  • JHS “Bonsai” – 8 “Tube Screamer” overdrive
  • JHS “Pollinator” – Fuzz with vintage germanium fuzz
  • Martin “D28” – with L.R. Baggs system
  • Acus Sound Engineering “OneForStrings 8” – Amp for acoustic guitar & voice – 200+200w