A bio about me? Hey…I’m not dead yet!

Right. Here you can find a short bio about me, my music and my guitars.


I’m Mirko Corvetti, an Italian guitarist and also a singer.

Todays, the most I play acoustic and classic guitar, but I was musically born playing hard rock on the electric.

I can’t hold back a smile if I think that I started playing a lot of years ago and I’m still here searching for something new to learn.

In the past I was part of a choir, so after a moment of hesitation I began singing my repertory because I wanted to completely share “my vibrations”.

So, I hope we will vibrate well together!!!


Voilà my contacts: so feel free to use it…carefully. 

Most of all I use email, but if you don’t receive my answer in a week (probably because I’m too busy), feel free to contact me on social networks. 

For other information about me, my music, blog, gear ecc… This is the right one: