My Gear.

Actually, this is my gear. I hope you like it and most of all, I expect you’ll search more information about the beautiful instruments made by my friends Bruno and Juri.

Probably playing a good instrument is less important than having a good touch, but surely it doesn’t hurts.

  • Bruno Traverso Guitars “Joy” – Sienna Sunburst, swamp ash body, bird eyes maple neck, Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) and Screamin’ Demon (bridge) humbucker pick-ups (zebra).
  • Fender “American Standard Stratocaster” – Sienna Sunburst, ash body, rosewood neck.
  • Fender ” ’59 Bassman LTD” in lackered tweed – 45w
  • “Quattro” Carl Martin – Comp, two overdrive (Plexitone), vintage chorus & echo
  • “The Fuzz” Carl Martin – Fuzz
  • “Two Faze” Carl Martin – Double vintage phaser
  • “Headroom” Carl Martin – Spring reverb
  • “Hot Drive ‘n’ Boost III” Carl Martin – Overdrive + 20 db boost
  • “Plexitone” Carl Martin – Plexi style distortion (12v)
  • Jim Dunlop “Rotovibe” – Vintage chorus & vibrato
  • Jim Dunlop “Cry Baby 535q” – Wah
  • Martin “D28” – with L.R. Baggs system
  • Martin “000RSGT” – with Fishman system
  • Juri Risso classic guitar n.8 – spruce top, rosewood back and sides
  • Juri Risso classical guitar n.9 – spruce top, rosewood back and sides
  • Acus “Oneforstrings 8” – Amp for acoustic & voice – 200+200w

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